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Welcome To Job Desire

Job Desire has been established with the sole goal to devote itself for quality carrier in Human resource sector. we are one of the top Recruitment consultancies in East India. We purpose to offer consultations and value-added HR offerings to company/ MNCs/ Industries and all kind of business institutions.

Who Are We

Job Desire is established in Patna with a main mission of aligning the efforts of human resources with the maximum productivity. We excel in every sphere of HR activity, from the short listing of the potential candidates to the manpower training and HR consultancy services.

Our Mission

To help Clients reach their business Goals / Objectives by providing innovative and best consulting, IT solutions and services. Make it a joy for all customers both internal and external to work with us.

Our Vision

Our “Vision” is to be among the TOP 50 fastest growing Entities in INDIA, which we strongly believe can be achieved through providing the best services to our clients in various segments, combining the technological skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term client relationships.

Our Spirit

We partner with organizations to unleash human potential enhancing the net worth of their human capital

We will bring passion and professional rigor to address stated as well as latent needs of our customers

Our offerings will add knowledge, bring insights, and be process driven

6 P's of Job Desire

People Selection

“We pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings putting compensation as a carrier behind it”

Process of Selection

“We follow the best process of hiring with collaborative cultures across all domains and industries we partner with”

Penetration in Market

“We follow only one strategy that is to market to our customers first,our best prospects second & the rest of the world last”

Passionate Team

“We are a young and dynamic team working towards disrupting the recruitment industry”

Partnering Clients

“We take pride in putting the client first and solving their “major challenges of recruitment”

Perfect Planning

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans,gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence & power”

Why Choose Us?

Our Consultants are experienced search professionals in their chosen sector or function. They will challenge your assumptions and bring valuable industry insights to help you define each role and create a job specification and candidate profile.

Our rigorous process uses a combination of research, personal contact and networking to identify, assess and validate the best possible people. Our clients only invest their time in meeting the highest-calibre candidates. All of the administration associated with interviews, assessments, offers and rejection is taken care of by us.

Each assignment is managed by an experienced Consultant who will help you to evaluate each candidate. Our Consultants’ broader market view can provide a different perspective to help you make the right decision.

Many of our Partners and Consultants have been with the firm almost since inception. We thrive on long-term relationships and enjoy helping our clients recruit talented senior people.

The cost of a poor hire can be significant. Quality is critical to us; we constantly review performance and client satisfaction.

Not satisfied with a candidate we’ve placed? While a rare occurrence, we takes this seriously. If a candidate we place is deemed unsuitable within a replacement period, we’ll replace them as soon as possible.

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